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About us

What is this website?

The Library Local Organisation Directory is a web based database maintained by the Nottingham City Library & Information Services 

We collect, publish and maintain data on local organisations, societies, clubs and services.

How do we keep the information up-to-date?

We try to ensure that the information we provide is accurate. Local organisations are asked to confirm their information is accurate or provide updated information on a 6 monthly cycle. If you notice any inaccuracies in the information we provide, please let us know by using the 'contact us' form.

Is the directory complete?

The information in the directory will always be changing. New organisations will be added, organisations which no longer exist will be removed, out of date or incorrect information will be updated and corrected. You can help the directory to improve by letting us know which organisations you think we are missing or if you spot any inaccurate information.